The world grows ever more chaotic

I find myself drawn into the gentle harmony of the still-wild places: the birdsong in the forest on a sunny morning; the absolute calm of a warm, still afternoon spent in a hammock strung between two pines; the stunning splendor of a sunset over the ocean. These environs are a balm, a healing touch in a time bereft of gentle caresses.

So much is possible with a good picnic set up- a decadent lunch, a bottle of wine, and a hammock for two can fill a delicious afternoon.

Whether we are perched beside a bubbling forest creek, or spread out in the dappled shade at the edge of a meadow, together we will find the magic that is held in the surge of life around us. Let’s explore these edges,and perhaps the edges within ourselves; with my background in both the psychedelic harm reduction community, and the kink and BDSM community, so much more becomes possible for us. We might expand our minds to more completely take in the present moment, or we might find those edges within ourselves as we challenge the heights of our arousal; whatever course we decide to travel, the trip is guaranteed to be a rewarding one. 

So will you join me?

What I am proposing is an erotic picnic. Meet me in the woods and allow yourself to be transported to a higher plane, on which awaits release, relaxation, and a level of intimacy I have not yet found in the confines of any city. 

The possibilities abound.

I understand that you’re busy; leave the planning to me. After a brief chat to outline what sounds exciting to you, I’ll take care of the details. Any adventure that we go on will be well provisioned and any location that we go to will have been well-scouted, with both discretion and comfort being taken into account. 

Below are some rough outlines of what to expect on any given outing- everything being subject to our desires (and local weather patterns, of course). 

A short to moderate hike (less than a mile) will deposit us somewhere divine; there will be a picnic lunch, as well as a comfortable spot for us to connect with each other and the beauty that surrounds us. Shall I bring the hammock? 



There will be tea, and then there will be an adventure- shall we skinny dip in the river? Spelunk along the coast? Decide which is the finest wine at the local vineyard? Whatever we decide to do, there will be a picnic dinner waiting for us afterwards, and a quiet sanctuary where we can make the most of our time together. 


Join me in my personal sanctuary; visit my well-outfitted camp and spend the night with me discussing Life, the Universe, and Everything. We will start with tea and a light snack together, and then follow our inspiration from there to dinner and beyond. In the morning, there will be breakfast and coffee, and time to snuggle a bit more before greeting the day. 


You do the planning, I’ll show up looking casually stunning. 


To schedule an outing, please contact me at  After a simple screening process, I will reach out to you by phone/text (your preference) so that we can chat a bit about what kind of adventure we might build together. 

Please understand that I am often outside of internet/cell service (usually exploring the west coast, scouting potential picnic spots) and that I only host between 2-3 picnics a month; in short, patience with the process will ensure that we are able to connect and that our time together is magical.  

To follow my travels, find me on twitter @quinnblossoms